Here are more awesome blogs to check out:

If you’re into movies, you should really read Trailer Thoughts. Chris summarizes and comments on trailers in his posts. In addition, he also showcases some of his own work. I enjoyed the diversity of the films he chose to write about.

Do What You Love is an amazing read. It is inspiring and relatable. Follow Brittney as she writes about happiness and doing what makes you feel good. She supplies food recipes as well as advice for those who need to step away from the stressors in life.

Eating healthy can be hard for some people, so imagine following a healthy vegan diet! I love Veggies for Voleer because I’m a very picky eater and often struggle with food, especially here in Gainesville. I enjoy reading about Voleer‘s journey to veganism and how having discipline and the will to persevere is crucial to follow this diet.