Here are some of my classmates’ blogs if you’re looking for a good read:

Dancing by Lauren is a blog I really enjoyed reading. If you love to dance, this is the blog for you. Lauren touches on many different styles of dancing ranging from hip-hop to salsa. What stood out to me was her post about the health benefits of dancing. I too believe that dancing goes way beyond the physical health benefits.

As we all know, it can be hard to find good food in Gainesville. Florida Femme Foodie writes critiques about some interesting food establishments in Gainesville. Caitlyn writes about a variety of places, such as coffee shops and pizza restaurants. In addition, she gives insight into cool food tips that go beyond Gainesville. I really enjoyed reading her blog especially because she too is currently applying to law school.

Reading Hidden Treasures of New York was fun because I am originally from New York. Although I’m from Long Island, I frequent New York City. Alex touches on some hidden gems that are not well known, such as the Statue of Liberty. I definitely advise reading this blog!