Recently, I signed up for Pure Barre, which is a workout class that utilizes the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements. It is a total body workout that lifts your seat, tones your thighs, abs, and arms, and burns fat in record- breaking time. This is easily my new favorite work out. It is more than just exercise, but it is 55 minutes of just you time. When I leave, I feel accomplished, relaxed, and energized for the rest of the day. The classes are definitely difficult but doable.

Pure Barre is also known for improving emotional and mental wellbeing as well. The mind body connection formed in the class is the reason. Studies show that regular exercise can decrease stress, memory loss and boost your mood. The class requires intense concentration and focus, which allows me to block out the busy work and stress for a brief period of time. This meditative quality gives me the time I need to decompress and take my mind off the less important stressors for a while. I mean how can you dwell on the things getting you down when all your attention is focused on not falling out of position?

Also, don’t worry if you are not a dancer because I definitely am not! The class is not based around dance skill. Pretty much everyone can do it! If you can’t get yourself to run on the treadmill or exercise on your own at the gym, then this is the perfect class for you. I love how there is an instructor and others in the class motivating me to be my best. It is my most optimal workout that also gives me the break I need from my busy life. It’s almost impossible to not give 100 percent when everyone around you is too.