Contrary to popular belief, vacations can be for more than just fun. To remain in a healthy state of mind I would definitely suggest taking any sort of break from work. Going on vacation can decrease burnout and help you recharge as well as refocus. This summer after a long junior year of college, I went to Prague and Croatia to visit my friends abroad. It was easily the best experience in my life so far. I was especially lucky to be able to experience the amazing places I went with my best friends. I believe that its important to take these trips with people who give off good vibes in order to get the most out of your experience. After my trip, I definitely felt refreshed. It was much needed and got my mind off of all my responsibilities just for a little while. The bonds strengthened on vacation are priceless. Whether you are going with your spouse, your friends, or your family, any memories made are irreplaceable.

As we all know, stress can do horrible damage to our bodies. Vacation time reduces stress levels and allows you to be your best healthy self. Continuous work with no breaks make people feel blocked and distracted. Some surveys show most people who vacation regularly feel energized and more ready to tackle the tasks at hand. Studies show that more vacation time workers take actually increases company productivity and decreases the number of sick days taken off. However, an expensive trip out of the country is not needed to reduce stress. Any type of vacation from work is more than fine. Explore your hometown, take a few days off and relax at home, or even go to a spa.

Check out this video I took in Croatia. We went on a speed boat and explored the beautiful Adriatic Sea.