13600333_10209995021138340_7348969234017169409_nOwning a pet can be much more than you think. The difference between unmanageable and manageable stress could be having a pet. Some animals can provide  relief from anxiety, depression, and more just by simply being present. It is almost an undisputed fact that pets improve the lives of their owners. The companionship of a pet eases loneliness. while providing constant love and affection. Animals also can provide sensory stress relief. Just stroking a pet lowers blood pressure and can help you quickly feel calmer and less stressed.

In my opinion, one of the best activities held here at the University of Florida is Pet Playtime at the Reitz Union. During Finals week, a small booth is set up there so students can go and hold various types of smalls animals like puppies or kittens. They’re referred to as “therapy pets” and are brought in by Animal People Inc. to provide a warm, cuddly break from pencils, papers, and computers.

I actually love animals, I have two golden doodles at home. We got the second one this summer because we felt the older one could benefit from a friend. The puppy keeps my older dog active and playful. Just as my puppy had an affect on my older dog, I believe they can have the same effect on people.