One of the easiest ways to destress is to spend time with friends and family. I have personally found this to be comforting and relaxing. I surround myself with people who are good influences on me. They are motivated, but know when it is time to take a break. My friends and I often hold wine nights at our house here at school. Instead of going out to bars when I am stressed and binge drinking the problems away, I much rather hang out at home with friends with a glass of wine. The wine has a calming effect and can help you fall asleep at night. Of course, the wine should be consumed in moderation! It seems too easy to be true, but it taking a break allows you to clear your mind. Recently, when I become frustrated and feel hopeless at the end of a long day of studying for the LSAT, I unwind with my friends. The next day I am able to go back to studying with a fresh mind. Sometimes you need to step away from the situation in order to see it better.